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The Avalanche Notify Service monitors all validators on the Avalanche Network and sends an email alert to a validator's subscribers if it becomes unresponsive or is out-of-date.

Staking on Avalanche

  • Avalanche does not have slashing. A validator's stake is never at risk.
  • An unresponsive validator risks losing their potential staking rewards if their observed uptime is < 80%.
  • Running a validator requires staking at least 2000 AVAX. You can learn more about running a validator here.

Service Disclaimers

  • The Avalanche Notify Service is in BETA and validator alerts may erroneously be triggered, not triggered, or delayed. The best way to maximize the likelihood of earning staking rewards is to run redundant monitoring/alerting.
  • Anyone can subscribe to notifications for a particular validator. Subscribing to a validator does not indicate ownership.
  • If you don't want to receive any more alerts, you can unsubscribe from all validators on the Manage page here.